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Happy mother’s day?

So today I am wondering.. does anyone here actually have a good relationship with your mom? I don’t think very many women do. I certainly don’t… I love her, but I don’t really like her a lot of the time and she seems to hate me. It is so hard for daughters to have good […]

Is female attraction to men real?

Are any women honestly attracted to men? I feel very confused about this now. I always felt like I was bisexual and just liked whoever I found attractive with a good personality that I connected with. I was always more into women overall but I used to be able to be attracted to individual men. […]

Building communities

So here’s my thoughts about things summed up that I hope to convey with everything I say: it is pointless fighting against their systems overall. The women who do so and are deeply punished for it are heroes and I don’t think they should stop doing these things as they do a lot of good […]

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