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Building communities

So here’s my thoughts about things summed up that I hope to convey with everything I say: it is pointless fighting against their systems overall. The women who do so and are deeply punished for it are heroes and I don’t think they should stop doing these things as they do a lot of good […]

Mutilated girls, handicapped women (part one)

Male parasitism of women Currently the world is in turmoil from an illness ravaging the worldwide population due to male enforced overpopulation from thousands of years of slavery and rape, while sadistic and inept men hold all the necessary tools to be able to protect ourselves and prevent our societies from descending into chaos. It […]

Interesting times

We live in interesting times full of changes of all kinds, always in a state of revolution. Is this a blessing or a curse? Is this the end of our species or a new beginning where the growing number of severely ill people from a life of ingesting poison from our environment will reach a […]

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